July 10, 2012

“The Airstream Project” Rocks Small Space Style

It’s certainly¬† fun and cozy to live in a home with a small footprint but could you handle one that’s under 150 square feet? If it’s this airstream reimagined by design company, Abel & Baker Designs, than I would say – yes! This amazing {very} small space was created as a recreational project but I spy some awesome home design tips right inside.

Like all small space dwellers, storage is key. It’s often a challenge to find space for all of your belongings. This revamped airstream is full of storage opportunities underneath it a. Drawers under the bed, couch and shelves to place all your goodies. Aside from placing your things out of sight. consider storing your decor items in sight and in collections of three.

Another small space tip that’s featured in the airstream is good lighting. Lighting can really balance out a small space by adding dimension and weight to a space. The overhead lighting in the airstream is everywhere and works in this super small space.

Fill your small space with personal mementos. All spaces benefit from decor and style that comes from the heart. These small details make small spaces feel big and bright.

Check out the entire Airstream Project, including a great video and tons more photos, to get inspiration for your own home.

{Images via FreshHome}

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