June 29, 2011

The Art of Fashion

VIRGINE. A brand new innovative high fashion, art and music platform set to revolutionize the way people interact with the fashion industry. Ahead of current styles and trends, a first glance at this opening spread makes it apparent they aren’t afraid to push the envelope. Artful sculptures made of coke cans, m&m’s, tide boxes and ipads. Visibly, there are some powerful creative forces at play.

I applaud the magazines positioning as well. “VIRGINE is seeking ways to increase societies’ devotion to charity contribution, so every issue our magazine’s first page will be dedicated to charity oriented advertisements.

In addition, we want to create a fashion platform that serves as a bridge between top industry professionals and up-and-coming artists to be showcased side by side under the esthetic and standards of VIRGINE.

Furthermore, VIRGINE wants to innovate by forming bridges between different industries. Imagine an article written by a fashion model who wants to become an editor or an interview conducted by the actual photographer who shot the subject. This is the kind of content we are looking for; content that brings a different perspective to our audience With VIRGINE, you will be propelled into a global culture of beauty, esthetic, creativity and innovation”.


I’m looking forward to watching this platform evolve.“VIRGINE is about what people want, not just what the fashion industry thinks people want.” “Truth be told, the equation of fashion is not as one-sided as it seems.  Just as fashion works from the top down, so too does it work from the bottom up.  In other words, trends are created in both directions.  Acknowledging that truth is at the top of VIRGINE’s list. The bigger picture for the VIRGINE brand is to inspire change.”

Images and excerpts  VIRGINE.
Photography by Ryan Yoon
Styling by Hissa Igarashi


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