August 6, 2010

The Case For Chaise

A self-professed chaise junkie, I often turn to my favorite lounges to inspire rooms upon rooms of pattern, color and texture. It's odd, really, because I don't own a chaise in my home (too glamorous?), but the chaise lounge is one of my favorite things to e-decorate with when I'm in a bit of a design funk.

Naturally, I thought it might be fun to source a few chaises that have inspired my favorite FLOR tiles to date. Care to join in on the fun?

Here, a French baroque chaise offers a bright, structured alternative to the muted (yet equally romantic!) rose pattern of If There Be Thorns. I'd use the tiles as a runner down a tiny hallway, opening up to a sweet, light-filled sitting room featuring the coordinating chaise and a white fireplace. Can you see it?

If summer cottages aren't quite your thing, nothing says "Cozy up to my fire" quite like a Chesterfield chaise and FLOR's Pop Tartan patterned tile. Paired with deep Flokati rugs and chic throws, your library or den will be the talk of your next book club party.

Of course, when it's time to party, no one opts for a cozy indoors. Why not jazz up your sunroom or patio with a Souk Chic rug kit?  When paired with a modern wicker chaise lounge, the vintage-inspired pattern goes from patchwork crazy to instantly chic.

What do you think, friends? Which looks are your favorite, and how would you pair FLOR with the chaise of your choice?

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