August 11, 2009

The future of suburbia – reimagined.

Voting opened yesterday foDwell magazine’s Reburbia design competition. While I’m not an architectural guru, I do love to see what imaginative solutions this year’s finalists have come up with as a way to reshape and revitalize suburbia.

This year contestants have come up with all sorts of clever designs that include everything from space-age travel solutions - Arbia (think: The Jetsons), to ways to reclaim and repurpose vacant parking lots and big box retail spaces – Bumper Crop and Livablox.  There’s even a design using freeway wind turbines powered by passing traffic – Parasite Catalyst. All designs share a vision of the future that is at once inspiring and ecological.   Ingenious is an understatement.


Design: Airbia


Design: Bumper Crop


Design: Parasite Catalyst

If you haven’t heard of this competition or taken the time to look through the 20 finalists’ designs, I highly encourage you to do so. Cast your vote for your favorite vision of the future of suburbia. You’ve got until August 18, 2009.

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