March 21, 2012

The Inspiration Behind The Design – Pretty Pieces

FLOR’s Pretty Pieces rug takes our grid-like system of squares and transforms it into invigorating patterns that seem to go on endlessly.

This rug is a combination of four individual FLOR styles – Cambium, Force Field, Petal Pusher and Cut Flowers that possess random patterns so no two tiles are alike.  These free flowing saturated colors and textures give the feel of walking into a beautiful garden.

The inspiration for this rug came from Josef Frank, widely regarded as one of the greatest influences in the history of architecture and design.  He co-created the Vienna School of Architecture and was influential in what became modern housing. He believed functionality was key to design and architecture, and we here at FLOR obviously second that notion.

(Above: Interior spaces that used some of Josef Frank ‘s patterns)

Frank became an innovator in textile design and for a period of nearly 40 years he created more than 200 patterns. The linear, grid-like look popular during that period was too rigid for his taste so he improvised in a big way, as you can see in his creations.  Scandinavian Design called Josef Frank’s styles  “Always in motion,” which was the theme that spawned the creation of FLOR’s Pretty Pieces Rug.

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