February 21, 2011

The Journey

The other day, while snow bound with my 19 month old, I decided to try to make cookies with him.  If you are a parent who reads blogs, you may be aware of the plethora of cooking-with-kids blogs that are out there.  Usually they are accompanied by beautiful, light-filled images of bucolic scenes of cherubic children delighting in the joy of cooking with their parents.  Rarely do they talk about the reality of cooking with kids…that sticky fingers will go in mouths and then back into the dough; that tantrums might get thrown along with bowls of ingredients; that inevitably someone will cry. 


I wrote a lengthier post about this experience over on my personal blog where I realized that, essentially, what I got out of the experience of cooking with my 19 month old was that life isn’t as perfect as the blogs and that I need to be just as patient with the process, and with my son’s involvement, as I want HIM to be patient with waiting for the cookies just out of the oven to cool.

It got me thinking about design blogs and home décor.  Yup…even this one here that I write for.

You see, it is easy to forget when looking at page after page of eye candy and post after post of ideas and inspiration that every single thing we see had a process to arrive where it is; and just because the process isn’t necessarily transparent in all of those pages of design magazines and posts of inspiring spaces doesn’t mean that mishaps didn’t happen, tantrums weren’t thrown and someone didn’t cry along the way.  

I’m not saying that it is impossible to have a gorgeously designed space that perfectly embodies everything you love.  I’m just saying that from now on I am giving myself permission to 1) be proud of the things I HAVE accomplished in the design of my home and 2) not let the oodles of gorgeous inspiration I come across every day on the internet (including the things I post right here on this blog) intimidate me into thinking that because I’m not finished now (nor will I be even in the next five years) or because I make mistakes along the way, I am any less deserving of credit for what I HAVE accomplished. 

Life. Cooking. Design.  They are all journeys.  No journey is perfect; but because of that we experience the joy of sometimes landing at places we never dreamed were even possible.

Where are you on your design journey?

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