August 23, 2010

The New York City Ballerina Project…

I have to admit, I was very happy to have discovered this on Facebook. A friend of mine marked she “likes” it, so I thought, I would check it out too! Dane Shitagi is a New York City-based photographer and creator of this project. He explains that each photograph is a collaboration between dancers, fashion designers, and the photographer. I actually went through all of the nine photo albums (over 500 photographs!)┬áthat are currently up on their Ballerina Project Facebook page. I just had to share some of my favorites here with you. Being a former New Yorker myself, his photographs hold some special memories for me… the cityscapes, the backdrops, and just the overall “mood” of the city and dancers that Dane captured so well…

… titled “Violeta – Tribeca”

… titled “Violeta – Black Swan”

… titled “Andie – Riverside Park”

… titled “Megan – Brooklyn”

… titled “Drew – Riverside Park”

… titled “Kate – 14th Street”

… titled “Katie – Hudson River”

{ images from the Ballerina Project Facebook page }

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One Response to “The New York City Ballerina Project…”

  1. nolita*wanders Says:
    August 23rd, 2010 at 10:42 am

    I love this so much! Thank you for sharing this, this is really inspiring!