September 23, 2010

The non-themed theme

The most recent trend in nursery decor seems to be the non-themed room which falls right up my alley.  I am such a huge fan of our spaces having an essence or a feel without banging us over the head with a theme…unfortunately, such blasé-ness isn’t easy to achieve well.  I liken it to being a teenager and working on your hair for ages in the bathroom trying to get that quintessential I-didn’t-try-too-hard-on-my-hair look.

Fortunately, there are some wonderfully inspiring spaces out there to use as a stepping off point:

This one tows the line for me…there isn’t a TRUE theme…but there is a color story.  Regardless, it makes me smile and is fun and vibrant and kid friendly:

I had a wall of mirrors like this in a room of mine when I was just out of college.  Suffice it to say, had I known how great it could look with a collection of vintage, feminine accents, I might not have taken the crowbar to it:

Take away the toys (and oh yeah, the crib) and this entire room could be an adult’s space.  Not a thing screams nursery:

This thoughtfully edited kids room has color and excitement and whimsey and ALL of it could be carted out tomorrow.  It is a great example of making a fun kid’s space without having to commit to painting the room:

I like to imagine we were able to pull off ths non-theme theme in our own nursery below:

What about you?  Do you prefer a theme or a non-theme theme?

{source: 1 – Tara Seawright; 2 – Basil Walter Architects; 3 – Ish and Chi; 4 – Elisabeth Dunker Gothenburg via Design Mom; 5-7 – Miriam Bradford}

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One Response to “The non-themed theme”

  1. Karen Says:
    September 23rd, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Definitely prefer no cutesy "theme" but I do like rooms with a certain…style. I LOVE non-traditional nurserys! You totally achieved a beautifully styled nursery for your little Guy!