July 18, 2012

The Power of Personal Design in Your Home

So many of us get stuck on designing our home. How to make it look chic, elegant, comfortable, stylish and easy on our wallets. If you are currently feeling this way, I have a great tip for you for getting over this design block – go with your personal treasures. I wrote this post three years ago about the power of design after being completely inspired by a designer that I saw speak at a conference. The idea that design can truly affect you was one that resonated with me. There were already a few pieces in my small home that had meaning to me. Where it was inspiration from the place I purchased the item or the color of the decor, the power of this decor made my own house, a home. It was personal and that’s what it’s about.

I recently reading one of my fave blogs, Absolutely Beautiful Things, and Anna mentioned her treasures. She shared an image o a tablescape featuring this and and that of decor and design. All of these were treasures to her and, therefore, made the space a powerful function in her home. It makes her happy. You certainly hold the keys to your design happiness by filling your home with decor and furniture that moves you.

Image via The Peak of Chic

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