April 1, 2013

The stuff of urban legends

Yeah.  Um.  So….remember that time not so long ago that I rearranged our living room for the first time in 6+ years and bought myself an awesome-sauce FLOR rug to keep our toes warm, our eyes relaxed and our knees from getting busted every time we played with our kids on the floor?  Remember, I specifically wanted a rug that wasn’t a bold color because I wanted it to be able to handle the every-day dirt and smudges of having a two-kids-under-four household?

Yeah.  Well – apparently it wasn’t the kids I needed to be wary of.

Just last week I hosted a wine/dessert party at my house for some of my most favorite girlfriends on a Thursday night after kid-bedtime hours.  And I may or may not have gotten a little animated while telling a story and I may or may not have committed a heinous party foul with a full glass of red wine that may or may not have splattered all over my WHITE couch and onto my BRAND NEW FLOR TILES!!!  Ok…this actually DID happen.  No more “may or may not”.

The good news is that my friends are all close enough to not even bat an eyelash at me desperately tearing the slipcovers off of the couch cushions while pre-treating them with a stain stick.  I actually don’t have a picture of the mess, but believe me when I tell you that not a single section of the couch was spared.  There was red wine spattering all over every cushion and the frame.  Thankfully, the whole purpose of having a white, slipcovered couch is so that it can be washed, and in extreme cases, bleached.  So I am happy to report that the couch looks good as (almost) new.

Moving on to my new FLOR tiles…

Not one to ever stop a party, we just took up the two tiles that got the spatters and moved the coffee table over to cover up the ‘hole’.  Funnily enough, most of my friends had no idea it was FLOR tiles until I took two of them out and ran them into the kitchen triage area…

…where I sprayed the offending wine stains out of the FLOR tiles with cold water and propped them up in my dish drainer to dry.

By the next morning, you couldn’t tell at all that there had ever been an incident.  And THAT my friends, is the stuff of urban legends.

What’s the biggest mishap your FLOR has ever seen?

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