December 20, 2010

Theories of time…

Don't you love an artist who's poetic as well? Discovered this Japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi the other day and I just kept clicking on his work/links over and over again because I honestly didn't quite get "it" the first time (did many double takes!). And not until I read each product's description did I fully understand what the underlying theme is throughout his work – our relationship with time. It's quite brilliant I have to say… and very refreshing. Take this ordinary coffee cup for example. Yukihiro created a delicate, tiny little landscape in this cup. What Yukihiro sees is a landscape of time, quote "… relationships are formed through user interaction over time, the product ages and gains knowledge of its purpose in the world. The stain's image is a representation of the product's feelings, memory as the product ages through use." unquote. A lot to take in, but makes perfect sense, no?

Tah-dah! Here's the unveiling of the landscape (click on image to zoom). Pretty sweet actually… there's even a ballerina! Onto another series… what do you think these are?

Yup, they are all clocks. The first one, titled Ticking Flowers is meant to be placed on a table like a vase. The second one is called Ribbon Clock. With a description like this: "You can present a time…" it just doesn't get any better. Last, but not least, Moving Lines. I think this is my favorite of all. Every time the clock ticks, it creates a different connection (I see new artwork!) between the lines. Thoughtful and fun…

Have a wonderful holiday week everyone – see you back here next Monday!

{ images from Yukihiro Kaneuchi website / discovered via Design Milk }

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