April 11, 2011

Throwback Beach Style

Maybe its because I grew up visiting Florida as a kid in the 70's; back when the roadside stands had the freshest oranges and the kitchiest signs; when lush, buggy undergrowth of the swamp was really only blocks away from the towns on the beaches; when  there was no air conditioning in my grandfather's huge Chrysler but it didn't matter because the speed limit was only 50 lending a balmy breeze to a potentially roasting car ride.  Or maybe it is because I can't seem to get warm here in New England even though I have been promised it is Spring.  But I have been dreaming of vintage Florida lately and if my husband isn't careful I might just add a lanai off the back of our Colonial, bring in a heat lamp and start decorating. When/if that happens, there are plenty of retro items available to enhance my throwback Florida feel. Of course, I could never actually build a breezy lanai here in New England unless I wanted to sit on it in my snow suit; but I do love that any of these pieces or prints, even on their own, could truly transform living space. The first few of these fantastical finds are from Circa Who in West Palm Beach, FL; an amazing shop filled to the gills with vintage and mid-century modern Florida specialties such as this beautiful table.  Can't you imagine it as a sofa table in a coastal room with mostly linens and whites?  What a great pop of color! And this beautiful chandelier would fit in perfectly with a contemporary space otherwise decorated with white linens and Lucite fixtures. I actually think my grandmother had one of these shells in their home. Etsy seller, Fondue, has this amazing drum shade available on her site.  The bold print is fun and daring. Of course, if you weren't too keen on going big with your throwback Florida style, you could always infuse a space with some whimsical retro prints like these:

(via invisible fish)

(via Vintage Beach)

(via Vintage Metal Art)

(via eyedeal postcards)

Any other vintage Florida lovers out there? ———

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