March 11, 2011

Time To Buy: Modern Quilts!

I woke up to birds chirping outside my window and was happily surprised to see much of the snow is thawing around my neighborhood. Indeed, spring is right around the corner! And although it's time to start making room to store those quilts, blankets and heavy textures, it's also a great time to score a deal on a new one for next season.

To be honest, I had no idea I was such a quilt lover until I spotted the above bedroom on The Purl Bee. Turns out, I do love quilts — they just have to exude the right amount of… modern character.

Are you of the same vein? Perhaps you'll like a few of the below modern quilts?:

1. Paint Chip Quilt by Kimem's Etsy
2. Color Study 306 at Dainty Time's Etsy
3. Equilateral Triangles Baby Quilt at CarsonToo's Etsy
4. Simple Quilt at Denyse Schmidt
5. Jones Patchwork Quilt at Urban Outfitters

Any you love? I'm craving one of each! Happy shopping!

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