January 7, 2011

Tokujin Yoshioka: Camper Store London

camper store, london concept by tokujin yoshioka

Camper.  One of my favorite brands.  I embrace their process, attention to detail, playfulness and craftsmanship.  I wear them as a beautiful, artful expression.  I admit, my family enjoys many pairs of camper shoes. It is fitting that their flagship store in London is designed with gorgeous simplicity and ingenuity by Japanese designer Tonkujin Yoshioka.  I recently revisited images of the space and  just had to share.

Appropriately for the New Year,  I am reminded of the beauty of strong simple gestures, to create a backdrop for the meaningful within. The custom fabric panels create texture and backdrop for the shoes on display, as well as provide inviting nesting spots for fitting, or simply relaxing and absorbing the environment that surrounds. 

camper store, regent st exterior

The simple gesture at the entry on Regent Street is at the same time inviting, bold and unavoidable.  There is no visible branding, yet the passer-by cannot avoid a connection to the presence of what lies beyond the beautifully proportioned, striking facade.

sketch of the camper store, london

This concept sketch conveys the scheme completely.  I find it joyful, descriptive and inviting.  

how each panel is constructed for the wall

Each handmade panel is created from fabric pieces, bound together by sewing each individual piece to its backing.  These panels are then combined to create a seamless composition for both the wall covering and upholstery.  This approach supports the camper identity of craft, comfort with imagination, and iconic style.  


Camper began as a family business, and has a rich history.  "Camper was born to be a brand:  its concept was to reflect a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking based on freedom but also encompassing comfort and creativity."  

A visit to the London store could only result in a "Camper sortof day"!  


images courtesy tokujin yoshioka, designboom.com

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