July 5, 2012

Tom Fruin – Kaleidoscopic Watertower

I’m a Jersey girl – born and bred and proud of it.  My dad, he was from Brooklyn.  On the weekends he used to pack my sister and I into our little, green Honda station wagon and haul us into the city to spend the day at his father’s newspaper distribution company.  I loved visiting Brooklyn.  My dad would sometimes let my sister and I walk to the corner market and buy extraordinarily decadent things like Hostess apple pies and Yoo-hoos!

Even at an early age, I was intrigued by the skyline of Brooklyn — the shorter buildings acting like foothills to the mountains of Manhattan; and the gaggles of water towers perched proudly like small rocket ships waiting for their call.  Anytime I have ever caught a glimpse of a gathering of water towers it has brought me back to my sweetly remembered visits to Brooklyn with my dad.

Water Tower Skyline

So now you might understand just how affected I was when I came across this gorgeous installation by Tom Fruin of a kaleidoscopic water tower.  The sculpture is the first in the US of his ‘Icon’ series, which also features a Danish house structure, also kaleidoscopic, in Copenhagen.

The 25 foot by 10 foot sculpture is constructed with around 1,000 strips of plexiglass and includes the functional details such as interior and exterior access ladders and a roof hatch.  It is lit by the sun during the day and augmented by light sequences during the evenings.

The display will be up until early June 2013, so if you are in the New York area, be sure to take a moment to seek it out.


Photo credits: 1 - Watertower Skyline by Archidose on Flickr; 2 & 3 – images via Robert Banat for Tom Fruin

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