May 23, 2011

Trend Alert

A while back I wrote about how much in common wedding/event design has with interior design.  In that post I touched upon using big, bold statements to define events as well as the spaces in our homes.  Well, I have yet another similarity between wedding design and interior design – but this has a bit more to do with the psychology of design.


It is pretty common knowledge in the wedding industry that there are some recent trends that have caught on like wildfire.  Today’s bride is very trend saavy and wants her event to be unique and show-stopping.  But what they sometimes fail to realize is that just because they’ve spent the past year immersed in wedding culture, doesn’t mean their guests have.  So while they might think that a wedding photo booth…


…or an non-traditional pair of bridal shoes…


…or a dessert buffet is common place; I can guarantee that 90% of their guests will think it is the most innovative, different thing they’ve seen at a wedding in years.

(via SMP; Anna Sawin Photography)

So it is with home design and trends.  If you spend even a week trolling around the thousands of interior design blogs on the web, you would notice very quickly that there are some very cool, but very defining trends right now.  Everything from chalkboard walls…


…to unglamorous pieces (like dressers) in glamorous finishes (like mirrors)…

(source, photo by: Donna Griffith)

…to the intentional use of the understated (in this case a grain sack) to elevate the shabby… are trends that are seen over and over and over again in the blog-o-sphere.


But just because you see something and like it and then see it 1000 times over on every design blog on the planet, doesn’t mean that even a 1/10 of the guests you have to your home will have seen the trend elsewhere.  And besides…since when do fashionable, design conscious people chose home decor based on what someone else deems too trendy?

The moral here is to have the confidence to know what you like and why you like it and in the end forget the trends…no matter how trendy they are.

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