March 21, 2013

Try It: Headboard Storage

I love our bedroom more than any space in our home – it’s cozy, Scandinavian-inspired and features a charming wooden sauna we’ve built in the connecting suite. Yet one thing it does lack? Storage. Although my husband and I both have nightstands, it seems the books, magazines, bedside alarm clocks, hand lotion and baby monitor often pile atop each other until we’ve created a chaotic zone out of a calming retreat. Naturally, this headboard that boasts double-duty storage is calling my name…

Yet perhaps even more genius is what this smart stylist created with the headboard – a shelving unit for her son’s nursery! With little more than a small section of the headboard itself, the space suddenly offers many more organizationally-displayed option – perfect for those tiny, adorable pieces that are begging to be showcased!

I love the idea of using the headboard and then re-purposing it as shelving when finished, outgrown or no longer needed. Hooray for smart ideas that lengthen the “shelf” life of our everyday surroundings!

Image Credit: BKids

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