March 12, 2013

Try This: Ombre Your Textiles


Spring is in the air – are you feeling it yet? Even though we experienced a massive snowstorm last evening here in the Midwest, I’m still feeling inspired as the calendar has flipped into March territory and warmer temps are right around the corner. Nothing feels more springlike than gentle pastels, so naturally, I’ve been gravitating toward these lovely photos today…

In the winter, I often crave monochromatic surroundings full of bright white furnishings and gray, neutral textiles. Yet today, glancing around my dining room, my white textiles are feeling dull and uninspired. I’m thinking of jazzing up my space and welcoming spring with a few ombre techniques for my tablecloth and linen napkins a la these images spotted on 79 Ideas.

The process is simple and affordable (simply dip your favorite textiles in a bucket of fabric dye and hang to dry!), and I’m imagining the possibilities of tea towels, shower curtains – even bedding! Could ombre be an addiction, perhaps?

Regardless, I’m sold. What do you think – will you be joining me in the ombre trend? Or do you plan to infuse your home with spring in a more traditional fashion?

Image Credits: Jonathan Gootch via 79 Ideas

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One Response to “Try This: Ombre Your Textiles”

  1. Pippa Says:
    March 13th, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I love the ombré look, I have used it in my macramé and Fibre works! :)