March 6, 2013

Turn That Table Upside Down

Sometimes I come across something and think “How didn’t I think of that?”. Usually it involves some ultra-simple idea that only a super visionary can imagine. (One, which I am not). I am thrilled to share this awesome idea with you guys – a table that becomes a tray that becomes a carrier that becomes a table again. Confused at all? Take a look at this image below.

I completely love this table and, as we small space dwellers know, any furniture or decor that can truly double as something else can make a big difference in a space with small amount of square footage. Aside from the clever function of this piece, the look is also super cool – wood, metal and clean lines – all the trimmings for a visual impact. What do you think of this neat piece? Have you ever had a “What didn’t I think of that?” moment? Share your story below.


(Image via Pinterest)

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