March 12, 2012

Upholstered Headboards

The very first I’m-an-adult purchase I made when I graduated from college and moved into my first apartment was a queen sized bed.  Actually, correction, the very last you’re-an-adult-now-you-should-buy-your-own-darn-stuff purchase my parents made for me when I graduated from college and moved into my first apartment was a queen sized bed.  In fact, it must be a right-of-passage of sorts to get a queen sized bed because I actually know quite a few people who are still using the same queen sized beds they got right out of college because, let’s face it, beds are expensive.  This explains why in our home, we have two queen head/footboards that are anything but stylish.

I would LOVE to have a more modern look than our current WalMart Special circa. 1997, more specifically, I am finding myself really drawn to upholstered headboards.  They are so versatile; fitting in well with many design schemes from contemporary to shabby chic, modern to romantic.  My husband and I did recently take the plunge and finally replaced the bed set that my parents got me 15 years ago – but until buying a new headboard fits into our budget, I’ll just have to dream of these awesome pieces.

I love all of the amazing fabric choices over at Serena and Lily – this bold, graphic print truly transforms the headboard from stuffy to modern.

As does this gorgeous Marilyn fabric by Rubie Green.


For a look that is still modern but without all the large print, this low-profile, linen headboard by Decorology certainly is calming.

And this bold statement piece by Isabella and Max Rooms is a showstopper!

On a smaller, more whimsical scale, I definitely like this randomized checkerboard, quilted pattern.

Also from BHG is this sweet fabric headboard inspiration.  I’m in love with the scale of the pieces…so unexpected!

Since we’ll have to hold off on purchasing anything new until after we move ourselves up to our third floor, I am particularly intrigued by the headboard treatment below found over at House Beautiful.  We too have eaves that we need to work into our arrangement and this seems to offer a perfect solution.

Lastly, I truly was surprised and inspired by this headboard treatment…can you tell its secret?

Sara at Metal and Mud made this beautiful, cheery, chevron headboard…by spray starching some fabric and applying it to her wall!  Even better, when it was time to move, it came right off the wall in one piece and left no markings on the paint!  See the full how-to here.


One Response to “Upholstered Headboards”

  1. sarah Says:
    March 12th, 2012 at 8:29 am

    We got an upholstered headboard at IKEA and we love it. Sadly, they’ve stopped carrying it, but here it is: I wanted a bed that head a headboard and foot board and this fit the bill. I figured we could dress it up with additional trim if/when we figured out how we wanted to decorate our room.

    I love the picture from house beautiful!