March 8, 2012

Vignetting in Kids Spaces

As I continue my look at vignettes in the design world this week, I thought I would include some inspiring kids spaces.  I was absolutely convinced that a vignette concept could only truly work in a nursery (where the kids are too small to care and thus can’t redesign at whim), or in a teen’s space (where the occupant might be more apt to change things around, but would use more thoughtful consideration when doing so).  Basically, I assumed that any space for a kid between the age of 18 months and 13 years, couldn’t possibly support a vignette because as soon as everything was in place, the occupant was sure to change it, right?  Except then I remembered the whole point of vignetting in design which is to highlight a small space or concept that has meaning within the whole of a space – in other words, it is supposed to be an ever changing, flowing display.  And who else is more apt to ever-change a display than a toddler?

Anyway, from the grand world of the internet, I present to you these fantastic vignette examples from kids spaces aged newborn to college kid:

Katie at The Johnson Family designed a fantastic, nautical nursery for her son, Cole.  This beautiful display above his dresser is whimsical and fun.

High shelves are also a great way to create a vignette in a nursery like in this example found here but credited to 6th Street Design School.

On the other end of the age spectrum is this delightful vignette designed by Melissa and her 13 year old daughter over at The Polka Dot Chair.

But here’s where things really get tricky…because now I have a slew of examples of beautiful and eclectic and fanciful vignettes found in toddler and preschooler spaces.  Of course, each of these need to be taken with a grain of salt. For instance, this first example (which I feel comfortable picking apart since it is my own son’s room) may look pretty, but the usual state of this area of his big-boy room is the toys and books thrown on the floor and the bed unmade and about 7 different trains lined up in the middle cabinet of the bed on top of his “The Little Train” book.  What can I say, the kid likes trains.

Still, the whole point of vignetting – as previously noted – is to highlight those things and collections that you love most, so if his version of the perfect vignette includes every train in the house, than so be it.

Here are a few more beautiful spaces that I am sure look different yet beautiful in their own ways depending on the day of the week and how long until nap time:

This playroom in Ninaribena1′s home is beautiful and I am sure ever changing – as at least evidenced by the art display.  I’m also loving the DIY “Love It” art on the wall!

Speaking of rotating your artwork, a rotating display of pictures and art is another way to create a beautiful vignette in a kids space that just might actually stand the test of toddler whims.  This space found here but credited to Real Simple, is so playful with its bright colors and frames that extend all the way down to kid level.

Lastly, I loved seeing this display as well as the night stand below in the room designed by Jute Home - both perfect examples of vignetting in toddler rooms.

Have you ever tried a design vignette in a children’s space?

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