August 23, 2012

Virtually hang art in your space…before you buy it

This pretty and colorful PARIS PRINT by Robeert Holzach looks pretty neat
above this fireplace,
one of the rooms that I picked in the gallery.
I picked the smaller print and moved it right of center.

I also tried the same print in a different space – a living room with a neutral palette.
This time I used the larger print and placed it right in the center

I am always on the lookout for new and interesting art to consider in my space but, to be honest, I never really know how it’s going to feel in my home. I have always loved all different types of art – the colors, style and vision of creative people – wow, they can accomplish amazing things. If you love vintage, custom or the classics, there are many online shops that sell amazing prints and paintings for you to adorn your walls at home with. The only problem – how will it work in my space? Will it work with my decor? Will the size of the art fit with the scale of the space? Will I like how it looks once it’s framed?

Thankfully, the creative folks over at have changed all of this. Their newly revamped website has a super cool new feature that let’s people – just like me - virtually hang potential art using their very own walls. Yes! Just cruise through their large selection of art, find your fave piece, pick your frame size and head over to the *view in a room* button. Upload either your own room or pick from the gallery of curated room ideas – pick the size and move the framed art around to where you think it works best.

Would you try something like this for your own space?


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