October 27, 2010

Wall compositions…

I take in everything when I'm out dining at a restaurant. And by everything I mean, not just the food, but the decor, the staff's uniform, the environmental graphics, the menu designs, and even down to the tiny little matchboxes. So when I stepped into Providence, a seafood restaurant in Los Angeles, the first thing I asked the maître d' was, "Who is the artist behind these wall installations?" At first glance, they looked like wild mushrooms/polypores that grow on trees. And after a rather long but inspiring conversation, I found out the sculptural porcelain installations are in fact barnacles, which of course, makes perfect sense now since it is a seafood restaurant after all. Hand-thrown and mostly unglazed, these delicate pieces are by ceramic artist Jennifer Prichard. Besides installing individual pieces onto walls, Jennifer also has a tile collection – porcelain pieces built directly into the tiles and later installed on site. What is interesting to me visually is (organically vs. structured), even though some of the pieces are very similar in shape and form, when installed under different environments, the feelings they evoke are equally powerful, yet constrasting. 

{ images: top, photography by João Canziani for Los Angeles Magazine; all other images via
J. Prichard Design }

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