September 15, 2011

Wall Flats

What is a wall flat you may ask. Well, think three dimensional wallpaper, and you don’t even need to suffer the goofy movie house glasses. Let me begin by saying I’ve scraped and steamed off more than my share of wallpaper. There is a hallway in my current home named “the hall of tears”. It was the last area to be conquered; my husband and I against the wall paper. It was an ugly battle, as the paper was relentless, and frankly just wasn’t interested in helping along the transition from an english decor to our modern abode. It makes a gal a bit uneasy thinking about slathering my walls with paste and matching panel to panel of albeit beautiful papers that are on the market today.

I recently discovered these paintable, embossed, three dimensional wall covering panels by inhabit. Not only are they modern graphic expressions for your walls, they are good for the environment too. ‘You can cover a existing wall with Wall Flats, help disguise a wallpaper or paneled wall or add a modern, green dimensional wallpaper to any room setting through patterning. There are no chemical fillers or additives, and the Hand feels like a dense hardboard. Wall Flats are biodegradable and recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. Tiles are created using Bagasse, which is a bi-product of sugarcane processing. This post-industrial garbage has traditionally been discarded and sent to the landfill or burned as bio-mass. The tiles take advantage of this plentiful material by molding it into designer tiles and diverting it from landfills’. Brilliant. Just might allow me to consider  a little wall art.
All images and excerpts found at Inhabit website.

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