June 20, 2013

Watercolor Mirrors


Watercolor patterns and accents are high on my list of trends to love at the moment. What’s not to embrace about art-inspired products scattered throughout your home, begging to be utilized as a tool to inspire your own creativity? And although I’ve seen the trend manifest itself in many ways – from clothing to throw pillows – one of my favorite applications is in Petite Friture’s Francis Mirror


Guided by a circular drawing, each mirror was created using a series of pigments that varnish on water to create a unique – almost ethereal – quality. Each design beckons you to take a closer look – is it an antiqued mirror, a literal reflection of age spots? Or is it a painted surface technique, a sign of a simple mirror made all the more beautiful when accented with a few impromptu watercolor methods?


For the on-the-go stylish lady or gent, the Francis mirror comes in a compact version to stow in a purse, glove compartment or tech bag. (Just don’t be surprised if you find your reflection especially radiant when juxtaposed with such magnificent hues.)


Gorgeous, yes?

Image Credit: Petite Friture

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