February 15, 2012

What’s your dream decor?

Ok, I’ll admit it. I am a Louis Vuitton design lover. For many years, I have been searching for and discovering the amazing handbags, store interiors and my all time fave item – the Louis Vuitton steamer trunk. While I personally have a super small Louis Vuitton collection (a bag here and a bag there – thank you, eBay), I certainly covet and dream about that steamer trunk.


I love the style, the elegance and the philosophy of the brand – all things that continue to guide my dream decor love for Louis. In some ways, this has led me to discover other decor and furniture in similar styles, colors or textures and opened up my eyes to new things.


And I also discovered that enjoying pictures of my pretty dream decor is perfectly fine – especially when the above dream decor has a price tag of, oh, $25,000.

Do you have a piece of dream decor? Share your favorite design styles with us.

:: Images by Rebecca Orlov ::

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One Response to “What’s your dream decor?”

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