November 15, 2012

Why Don’t You…?

…get crafty with your kitchen cabinets?

I’m a huge fan of quirky furniture and decor, so when I spotted this unique cupboard, I spiraled into “How can I recreate this look in my home NOW?” mode. And because I’m not necessarily gifted in the area of free-hand drawings, I thought of a perfectly temporary solution:

Why not coat your kitchen cabinets in dry erase paint? They’ll appear to be nothing more than a bright white finish, yet when you feel like having fun with your space, you can doodle plates, glasses and other cupboard contents on the cabinet’s exterior. Or, you could use it as a space to list your grocery needs, important reminders or funny things your kid said that day. The possibilities are truly endless, right?

Tell me, are you quirky enough to doodle on your kitchen cabinets? Or do you prefer your space to be polished and [gasp!] more grown-up?

Image: 101 Woonideeen

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