May 11, 2013

Why Don’t You…?

ceiling mural

… mural your ceiling?

I posted a glorious chalkboard ceiling last month, but isn’t the idea paling in comparison to this Sistine Chapel-esque muraled room? It’s overwhelming, yes, but is the perfect hiding spot for an art lover with a penchant for painterly inspiration.

ceiling mural

The rule? There is no rule. Stick your favorite inspired mural (or if you’re artsy, hand-paint it!) on the ceiling and fill in the blanks with all of your favorite goodies. The look is meant to be eclectic to avoid appearing dated or buttoned-up, so have some fun with mixing-and-matching periods, styles and textures.

What do you think – could you live in a busy room like this? I have an admitted aversion to visual clutter, but gosh, I’d love to peek in here for an afternoon visit!

Image Credit: Knight Frank via Design Attractor

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