April 24, 2013

Why Don’t You…?

… layer your rugs?

Pattern-mixing is a surefire way to bring personality and character to any space, but most of us stop with the obvious elements: mixing patterned throw pillows, upholstered textures and artwork. Why not take it a step further and layer two patterned rugs for a unique, eclectic look?

Not only do layered rugs feel casual and inspired, but it’s a smart way to double the surface area you’d like to cover without having to spend a fortune on a massive area rug. Better yet? By layering two rugs on top of one another, you can experience the joys of sound-deadening in loud playrooms or busy entryways.

A good rule of thumb when layering rugs is to pay attention to pattern scale and color scheme so you can avoid competing designs that can overwhelm the space. Other than that, the sky (or rather, ground?) is the limit!

Image Credit: The Style Files on Flickr

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One Response to “Why Don’t You…?”

  1. Melissa Chicago Says:
    May 5th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    I spent my teens in the middle east, where the story goes that ancient persian kings demanded floral rugs for making flower gardens in the arid desert. Gorgeous wool or silk hand-tied carpets were absolutely everywhere; carpets of all patterns and colors were overlapped and layered in kitchens, sleeping quarters, shops, even streets (freshly finished carpets were spread out for cars to drive over, pounding the knots into a solid, durable rug that was never coming untied!)! Ever since then, it looks wrong to me to see rugs that match, carefully spaced with wide swaths of floor in between.