May 1, 2013

Why Don’t You…?

… give your wall an ombre and hexagon treatment?

Spoiler alert: this project seems pretty labor-intensive, but sometimes the best projects take a few days (weeks? months?) to complete, right?

DIY expert Mandi‘s daughter requested a room that was filled to the brim with a variety of bright hues from pinks to oranges to yellows. So instead of injecting the room with a major color shock, Mandi brushed up on her ombre techniques by mixing white into each shade and – from right to left – slowly diluting each shade until they faded into a beautiful, calming white.

I’m assuming the hexagons themselves were a major undertaking, cutting hundreds of pieces of wood into thin strips to create each shape. If you’re short on time (or not gifted in woodworking!), why not tape hexagon stencils to the wall and go to town?

I can imagine so many great possibilities with this idea – from furniture to artwork and everything between. Three cheers for the transformation a few simple cans of paint can make (and well done, Mandi!).

Image Credit: Vintage Revivals

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