May 7, 2013

Why Don’t You…?

…transform your fireplace into a colorful focal point?

I love when fireplaces act as the main event in a room – whether they’re innately tiled patterns or freestanding Scandinavian designs. But by far, my favorite technique for spotlighting a fireplace is a healthy jolt of color like the above example from Mr. & Mr. Of course, painting the fireplace alone makes for a fun statement, but by extending the color to the space above the fireplace (all the way to the ceiling!), the look is that much more commanding and powerful.

Surprisingly, you don’t even need a lot of bells and whistles to complete the look – simply add a few accessories to the mantle and forgo the traditional mirror or artwork above the fireplace. The result is an effortless, casual space filled to the brim with personality.

Happy painting!

Image Credit: Mr. & Mr.

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