June 26, 2013

Why Don’t You…?

book wallpaper

… create your own wallpaper with pages from your favorite book?

Wallpaper can be so beautiful in a variety of spaces, but it’s all so very permanent. And if you have decor anxiety like me, forever second-guessing your furnishing decisions, permanence can sometimes be a bad thing. The good news? With a bit of ingenuity, your favorite illustrative book and some poster putty, you can create your own temporary wallpaper – collage style!

Simply tear the pages of any book you love (I’m imagining a lovely nursery with children’s book illustrations – or even a kitchen tiled with antique cookbook pages!) and create an impromptu collage directly onto the wall. Hint: Be sure to grab extra-strength poster putty for plenty of staying power!

Sometimes the simplest of ideas produce the most dramatic results, yes? Happy wallpapering!

Image Credit: Visi

p.s. For an added challenge, try a wallpaper with your own photos!

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