July 4, 2013

Why Don’t You…?


… craft an impromptu height chart using an oversized ruler?

If you enjoy spending time antiquing, you’ll notice how easy it is to spot certain items that are no longer in heavy rotation: vintage tin signs painted with historical slogans, heavy castiron pots, and – occasionally – oversized wooden rulers. Renovator Raina was lucky enough to find one (although given her DIY skills, I wouldn’t be surprised if she whipped this one up in an afternoon!), and I love the idea of transforming it into a sentimental height chart for those ever-growing kids.

By placing it in an often-unused area of the home (stairways are notoriously difficult to decorate around!), the ruler commands attention to everyone passing by. And if you paint the wall it rests upon in a dry erase or chalkboard paint, you can turn that decorative item into a functional (temporary!) height marker for your family.

My father grew up on a farm with his seven siblings, and every year we’d visit, we’d mark our heights on a wooden door with a measuring tape adhered to it. The tradition was memorable, but the decorative effects made for an even more sentimental statement. Can you imagine what a wooden door might look like with over 40 annual measurements scrawled in ballpoint pen? Quirky and charming, yes, but also the sign of a well-loved home.

So why not give it a go? Transform your unused space into a happy growth chart for the little ones. (And if you’re not lucky enough to find an oversized ruler or a few vintage yardsticks, take it from my grandparents – any old wooden door will do.)

Image Credit: Emily Johnston Anderson via Apartment Therapy

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