August 6, 2013

Why Don’t You…?


… hang something unexpected from your ceiling beams?

I love exposed beams in ceilings, perfect for creating an airy feel in any room while providing it with a healthy dose of character. But if you’re into extremes, why not give your ceiling beams just the tiniest extra jolt and add something truly surprising overhead?

This countryside-inspired home is perfect in every way: cozy, comfortable and bright, with a twist. By hanging a saddle from the ceiling beams, the homeowners are making a serious statement: function first, but we’re not afraid to have some fun. I love the look and am already imagining the stories that old saddle holds: tales of sunset rides and lifelong companionship.

Why not try it in your own home? Tell me, what objects hold stories in your own life that you’d love to display? And wouldn’t an old heirloom quilt look stunning?

Image Credit: Lantliv

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