October 3, 2013

Why Don’t You…?


… write on your cabinetry?

Black and white graphic elements are all the rage, but I love this personalized touch from Swedish designer and calligrapher Ylva Skarp. To be fair, calligraphers certainly have the upper hand (pun intended!) in the type department, but why not give it a go with a few stencils to help guide you?

Simply grab a few typographic stencils from your local craft store, prime and paint any piece of furniture (wouldn’t a dresser, credenza or desktop look lovely?) and go to town. Spray painting the stencils will produce harsh, bold lines, but I like the idea of hand-painting with a brush to offer soft edges and imperfect charm.

Tell me, would you tackle this project? I’d love to see the results!

Image Credit: Ylva Skarp

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