October 17, 2013

Why Don’t You…?


… paint your kitchen window trim a bright, fluorescent hue?

I loooove a good, neutral kitchen. It’s beautiful and timeless and smart – because after all, no homeowner wants to choose something overtly trendy when redecorating the most expensive space in his/her home. But sometimes, we crave a bit of… color. Life. Personality. Here’s where this brilliant trick comes in handy…

By painting the window trim in a neutral space, you’re highlighting a focal point and bringing the eye outdoors, making the space feel bigger (and who doesn’t want a bigger kitchen?). Plus, you’re scratching the color itch in an easy, affordable fashion, so you can enjoy your neutral kitchen year-round and still feel like you’re having a bit of fun with the space.

So smart, yes? Tell us, what are some of your favorite decorating tricks? We’d love to hear!

Image Credits: A. Mezza & E. Escalante for Red

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