October 18, 2012

Wishy Washi

I’ve been resisting the Washi tape trend.  Mostly because it reminds me so much of when I was in grammar school and it was all of the sudden cool to collect embroidery thread in little cases.  The threads were always so beautiful and I always enjoyed getting all of my colors lined up.  But the reality was, how much embroidery thread did I need.  Likewise, I keep thinking, “this Washi tape thing is awesome because the tapes are so cute, but I rarely use tape as it is”.


Well, it turns out there really is no shortage of ideas on what to embellish with Washi tape.  Just check out some of these great applications that are sure to bring Washi whimsey into your life.

I really love the temporary awesome that these ideas offer to what could be considered the mundane.  Classy-fy my plastic drink cup? Yes, please!!  And while I’m not sure I could handle the tactile element of a Washi’d keyboard, it certainly does add something, doesn’t it.  I do really love the idea of using the tape to dress up simple vases.


Maxwell at Design Sponge shared this inspired idea of using Washi tape to create temporary frames in a dorm room.

And I really like the idea of spiffing up some plain book cases and/or cabinets with the tape.  That would TOTALLY justify an investment in more than one roll ;)


This Washi window treatment is quirky and unexpected.


Of course, Washi can work wonders in kids spaces.  I love this amazing street-scape (though I caution – Washi is really just glorified masking tape, and I KNOW I’ve had masking tape stuck almost irreversibly to my wood floors in the past)


Finally, this collection of playful trims for children’s spaces strikes such a chord with me.  Specifically, the pink pinstripe is perfection!  (Note: The images below were curated by El Blog de la Cosas Molonas where the full list of sources can be found)

Have you used Washi tape in your home decor?  Would you Washi?

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