September 30, 2010

With bins like these…

We live in New England in a 101 year old house and, go-figure, those crazy ancient New Englanders never really considered a play-room option when building their homes.  Thus, we have no place other than our living room for our son and all of his toys to be.  I knew even before he was born that good storage was going to be key to keeping our living room organised.  Thankfully, there are a ton of great options out there, but for today I am focusing on the ubiquitous fabric storage bin.

We currently use these hampers from Land of Nod in both our son's room and in the living room.  We love the color, we love the simplicity and we love that toys are out of sight when in them…but that last point sort of bugs our son as he isn't able to reach the top of the bin to get things out.

Thankfully there are plenty more great options out there like these pert and preppy options from Pottery Barn Kids…can you image having everything sorted down to whether the toy is a game, a ball, a block or a book?  Yeah…me neither.  Thankfully, they are available without custom embroidery as well for those of us who need to aim a bit lower on the organization scale.

If you're looking for a fun, organic option, look no further than this super cute owl bin from 3 Sprouts available at Land of Nod.  The line includes an elephant, monkey, zibra, hippo and fox; each as cute as the next:

Of course (and I am the first to admit, I NEVER remember to check this source) there are some really cute options on Etsy as well.  Like this crazy cute baseball toile option from Treasured Totes:

For anyone into the Scandanavian chic look (or even if you just appreciate your morning cup of joe), this bin offered by JenniLyons made from a repurposed coffee sack is deliciously simple:

Lastly, I can barely resist these re-DONK-culously cute canary print bins from Henry and Zoe:

With bins like these I could actually consider myself officially inspired to keep the clutter at bay.

What storage system do you use for toys in your house?

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