October 20, 2010

Wood detail…

Somehow I find wood to be very comforting… in any season, in any weather. Maybe it's because – wait, scratch that, I know it is because – of my love for nature and the outdoors. I started hiking with my parents at a very young age, and continue to do so till this day. When I see images that showcase wood in the most unexpected and clever places, it makes me smile a little more, and linger on just a tad longer. I know this may sound silly, but it's like my comfort food, for the eyes.

… a pair of vintage wooden doors made into a headboard. Looks pretty fabulous, doesn't it? And that chandelier… definitely kicks it up a notch.

… wooden fruit crates cleverly disguised as organizers or even better, recycling bins.

… don't think I will ever get sick of wooden floors. This herringbone and diamond pattern flooring is as genuine as it gets.

… cozy little kitchen island. I bet you can recreate this look with a piece of reclaimed wood as the counter top.

… gasped when I saw this house. What a brilliant way to reuse wood as part of the exterior structure.

… the rough, unfinished, unpolished, truly-from-the-nature tree stump. LOVE.

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