May 30, 2012

Wordsmith Decor : Neon Words

If  picture is worth a thousand words, then why not consider creating an image with words in your home? I absolutely love the custom neon sign trend that I have been spotting lately. What a fantastic way to add design statement in your home? Adding art and wall decor to your home is really a great way to add your personality and style as well as adding dimension to your space.


I did a bit of research because my husband and I have a saying that we love and we want to make a neon sign (just like these) and it it to our decor in our space. There are tons of colors and font style to use – in fact some places can even take your own handwriting to create the sign.

Words and sayings are truly a way to express yourself emotionally and and even through design. What do you think about neon words in your home? What would your sign say?

Images 1. Laura Day Design 2. Kitka Design 3. kate spade

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