July 18, 2011

Zero Waste Packaging Free

Finally. I’ve been hoping and waiting for this. Package Free and Waste free grocery shopping is next to impossible to achieve in my community. Sure, I bring my own grocery bags, and even cotton bags to put my produce in, instead of the easy, handy plastic ones located next to the apples and lettuce. But still, I am horrified by the amount of garbage I generate from shopping for my family’s daily meals. I am more than happy to work a little harder, to create the desired outcome. All these years, we have been designing packaging for the products we buy. This packaging has become necessary, in the regulated system of food preservation, presentation, and sanitation. But someone has suggested another way. Someone has designed a solution. Austin based In.gredients will be the first package free and waste free grocery store in the United States.

It’s simple. Bring your own containers, fill them up with the things you need, and bring them back and refill when they are empty.

The most amazing thing is this seems like a fresh, new idea. It’s a good one, but it’s not new. And, like any habit, it might take a bit of discipline, and a little getting used to. So be it. I believe it is just as easy to incorporate into my daily life, as it is to walk down the “packaged” isles today.

“There’s no waste in nature. Waste is a human invention. As good stewards of our environment, our top priority is to reduce the amount of waste we produce and reuse what we have. Being package-free radically limits our waste generation”. In.gredients

I am hopeful this concept will be successful, and grow into the new normal. What do you think?


Images found at In.gredients

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