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Cutting Services

You can create even more unique FLOR rug compositions with our cutting service.

FLOR carpet design squares can be cut in five different ways: half, diagonal, third, quarter and quad cuts. You can use cut pieces to achieve your ideal rug dimensions, as a design element with your rug, or to properly proportion a border with an inset.

FLOR squares and cut pieces are all connected the same way, with our patented FLORdots™. Just connect the corner of each square or piece to its neighbor and you're set.

All tiles are cut against the grain (perpendicular to the directional arrows on the back of the tile).

Certain FLOR style restrictions apply. Cut tile orders may add 2 business days to delivery time. No returns. All cut tile orders are final.

For assistance, call or come in to a
FLOR Design Possibility Studio near you.

*Certain styles are restricted: House Pet, Working Class, Straight & Narrow, Heaven Sent, Full Bloom, Fleece & Thanks, Toy Poodle, Manx and Love Ewe.