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Design tips & tricks. FLOR makes it easy.


To get the right fit for your living room, make sure you leave enough area rug around the edges of your sofa.

For a standard 3-seat sofa,
30 squares (8' x 10')
does the trick.

Simply add from there to
include additional furnishings.
Legs On? Legs Off?

Traditional design says all on. But, rules are made to be broken!


For a dining room, extend your area rug at least 30" around all sides of the dining table.

For this table of six, 35
squares (8' x 12') works
quite nicely.

Adding a custom border
adds a few more inches
and provides a
tailored look.


Create a cozy bedroom by
leaving at least 30" of area rug
on all sides of the bed - it looks
nice and keeps the toes comfy!

Try 36 squares (9' x 9') for a
queen bed ...

... Or 42 squares (10' x 9')
for a king bed


A custom runner that's
a square and a half wide
provides the right coverage
(75% of the width) and a
balanced look.
Have more space?
Get creative by turning squares on an angle for a cool look and a custom fit.