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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions? We've got answers. Below are some of your most frequently asked questions and our answers. If you don't find what you're looking for below and need more assistance, please call Customer Care at or email us for more information.

What size are FLOR tiles?

FLOR tiles come in 19.7" x 19.7" squares (50cm x 50cm) and FLOR samples come in 6" x 6" square tiles. FLOR samples are cut from full-sized FLOR tiles so each sample represents the true color and texture of each FLOR carpet square.

How thick is FLOR?

Generally FLOR carpet tiles range in thickness from 1/2-inch to 1/4-inch. FLOR comes in different thicknesses for different applications. For more information, call Customer Care at http://www.flor.com/ or visit our Web site to view a specific style.

Does FLOR require separate padding like traditional carpeting?

No. FLOR'S patented backing supplies both cushion and structural integrity to keep each tile aligned.

How much does each FLOR tile weigh?

Each FLOR tile weighs approximately 2.5 pounds.

How do I know how many tiles to purchase?

Easy. We'll do the calculating for you. First, measure the space you want to cover. Then, visit our FLOR tile calculator. Enter your dimensions and our calculator tells you how many tiles to order. Or, call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093 for assistance.

Is FLOR easy to install?

Yes. Along with every product order, you will receive a quantity of FLORdots and step-by-step installation instructions. View or download installation instructions or watch this helpful video to see how easy it is to assemble FLOR squares. Generally, an area rug takes about an hour to install and wall-to-wall takes an afternoon.

How does FLOR stay in place?

FLOR is engineered with structural integrity to "hug" the floor. Plus, the easy-to-use, non-toxic FLORdots that come with every order are designed to stick to the underside of each tile and not to the floor beneath. Using FLORdots secures the tiles to one another so there's no curling, gapping or slippage. Your design will stay put until you decide to change or replace it.

Do FLORdots™ come with my order?

Yes. You will receive enough FLORdots for your installation (plus a little extra), based on the quantity of tiles ordered. If you need more, simply order online at FLOR.com or call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093.

What is the difference between "monolithic" and "parquet" installation?

Monolithic installation is when tiles are laid in the same direction (arrows on the back of each tile all point in the same direction). Monolithic installation will provide a more seamless design.


Parquet installation is when tiles are laid with each tile at a 90 degree rotation (arrows on the back are at 90 degree angles of each other). Parquet installation will provide a basket-weave effect. We generally provide recommendations on how to install a particular FLOR style; however, feel free to install as you wish to customize your FLOR design.

Is FLOR easy to clean?

Yes. Since your FLOR is on the floor, it is prone to dirt and traffic that comes from everyday life. FLOR can be easily cleaned from this day-to-day wear using traditional vacuuming methods. Depending on the fiber type, your FLOR should be cleaned annually with a hot water extractor or dry powder.

For general spills, first blot with a dry, white, absorbent cloth (do not scrub the area), then pull up the tile and rinse it under cool water. Always dry your FLOR tiles thoroughly before replacing them. Never place FLOR on or in heating elements. For stains, we recommend using a non-citrus/non-solvent cleaner.

See how easy it is to clean, replace or refresh your FLOR design.

What is FLOR made of?

Most FLOR face fibers are nylon, PET and nylon blends. Our backings are a vinyl composite, increasingly made from recycled materials. FLOR carpet tiles meet or exceed the Carpet & Rug Institute's Green Label Plus standards for VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) and are recyclable. To learn more about how you can recycle your FLOR, please call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093 for details on FLOR's Return & Recycle Program.

What is the recycled content of FLOR?

FLOR tiles have varying degrees of recycled content. Most FLOR styles are 100% recyclable. For specifications on a particular FLOR style, visit FLOR.com or call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093.

What is FLOR backing made from?

FLOR carpet tiles are made from two types of backing, Graphlar and GlasBac. Graphlar is made from a Bitumen composite with up to 40% pre-consumer recycled content. GlasBac is a vinyl composite with up to 40% post-consumer recycled content. Most FLOR carpet squares use a GlasBac backing, which is 100% recyclable.

What is a beveled edge?

Most of our products are made with a straight edge, which, when laid down, provides a more seamless look. Some FLOR products have a beveled edge, which has a 45 degree angle to the edging. The beveled edge provides for an architectural, hand-carved, gridded aesthetic. Using products with a beveled edge provides a more grid-like, modular look to your FLOR design.

Can FLOR be installed anywhere?

FLOR can be installed in virtually any indoor area that has a clean, hard, dry surface. FLOR should NOT be installed over carpeting or padding*, floors with hand painted or vintage varnish finish, unfinished waxed floors or outdoors. FLOR may be installed over smooth, fully-cured (minimum of 90 days) concrete floors. To seal concrete surfaces, use a non-solvent based sealer (from your local hardware store or home improvement center). Let the surface dry completely before installing FLOR. If you room has an unfinished, waxed, vintage varnish, or solvent sealed floor we do not recommend installing FLOR, as FLOR may cause some discoloration or staining of the floor. If you're unsure if FLOR will work for your surface, call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093.

* FLOR has a firm, but flexible backing. Installation of FLOR over a soft subfloor or existing carpeting or rugs will cause the tiles to separate when weight is applied to the surface.

How do you pick-up or remove a single square?

FLOR squares can be easily removed or replaced to clean or update with a new, fresh square.

To remove a single FLOR square, it’s best to pull up or fold over the rug exposing the backing. Then, with the backing side up and using a sharp blade like a carpet knife, carefully cut through each FLORdot™ to release the square. Important! Do not try to pull or rip the squares apart using your hands or force. Doing so could result in damage or tears to the square itself. If reinstalling the same square (i.e. following a cleaning), be sure to use a fresh FLORdot and place it in a new, different spot. (Note: FLORdots come with every order, but you can always purchase additional here ). For best performance, we recommend using GooGone™ or similar to gently remove any adhesive residue that may be on the backing from the original FLORdot. And remember, FLOR squares must air dry completely after cleaning or rinsing before reinstalling.

How soon will my FLOR arrive?

Orders under 160 tiles usually ship within 48 hours (2 business days) via UPS Ground (expediting shipping options available) and take, on average, 5 to 7 business days to arrive. Orders over 160 tiles may take up to four weeks. For more information or to learn more about large order shipping options, please call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093.

Do you suggest any overage when ordering FLOR?

If you are ordering for a wall-to-wall application but not using FLOR's tile calculator, we do suggest you include a 10% overage amount to your order to cover any installation errors or back-up replacement tile needs in the future.

Is there a minimum order required?

No. FLOR carpet tiles can be ordered in any quantity you need.

Can I sample FLOR?

Yes, we encourage you to sample FLOR so you can see the colors, textures and patterns in person. FLOR samples are available in 6" x 6" square tiles. Samples are priced US $2.00 each. So, if you ordered 3 samples, the cost would be US $6.00; 6 samples would cost US $12.00. To order call Customer Care at 1.866.952.4093 or visit FLOR's Sample Section. Samples generally arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Can FLOR work for a bathroom or kitchen, or an area that often gets moisture?

Yes, FLOR works great for bathrooms and kitchens - virtually any room in your house. Humidity, moisture and spills on the face fibers should not affect performance. However, FLOR is not made from wicking or "breathable" material. So, if FLOR gets substantially wet or saturated, water may become trapped underneath. The simple solution is to remove FLOR tiles and allow them to air dry completely before replacing them. Normal bathroom moisture, splashing, wet towels, etc. are fine.

What happens if FLOR gets wet?

Simply pull up the carpet square and allow it to dry completely before replacing. Any moisture that permeates the tiles could ruin the floors underneath and leave a watermark, so we recommend removing tiles and replacing only when they are completely dried.

What cleaning products do you recommend?

We recommend that you use a non-citrus, non-solvent based cleaning solution. FLOR's wool products require a different cleaning protocol. For details, call FLOR Customer Care at .

Can I get FLOR at a retail store near me?

Visit one of our FLOR stores to see and touch FLOR in person. If there isn't a store near you, consider sampling FLOR.

Does FLOR provide any sound insulation?

Yes. FLOR does provide a level of sound insulation. Generally, a materials' insulation property is measured using an "R value" (the R value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry). FLOR products have an R value ranging from 1.5 to 2.0. For more information on R values, visit the Carpet and Rug Institute's website.

Where can I find the furniture and accessories shown in your catalog?

All imagery in the FLOR catalog was shot on location, often in private homes. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not have information about all of the furniture or accessories seen in the catalog or in our photographs. Select locations courtesy of Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, Illinois.

Select products provided courtesy of:

CB2 - 800.606.6252 - www.cb2.com

Dwell Studio - 877.993.9355 - www.dwellshop.com

The Verde Design Studio - 773.986.7750 - www.verdedesignstudio.net

Who does the photography for FLOR?

Bruce Quist Photography, a Chicago-based studio.