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Faux Hide Rug Set

61 colors available


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This fun DIY Faux Hide Rug Set includes these items:

  • 14 full-size squares (some with stencil markings on the back and some without)
  • Detailed instructions
  • FLORdots
  • Stanley carpet knife (included with Faux Hide Rug #63-1338 or available at FLOR.com ).


Prepare materials:faux hide

First, locate the squares with stencil markings on the back.  This design calls for 10 cuts on 8 squares.  (We’ve intentionally designed this rug to produce minimal waste, which is why some squares require two cuts.)  Be sure to repurpose any waste pieces or return them and we’ll recycle them through our Return & Recycle Program .   Call 1.866.281.3567 for more information and details.

Next, prepare your cutting surface.  We recommend using a cutting mat or your FLOR boxes to protect the cutting surface.  Be sure that the protected cutting surface is larger than the tile dimensions to safeguard against runaway cuts.


faux hide cutCut the squares:

 Make sure you have a fresh blade in your carpet knife and begin slowly scoring the back of a stenciled tile along the etched outline.  Take your time.  Using ample pressure, make several passes along the line for the cleanest possible cut.  Don’t worry if you go outside the lines; the shag in Rake Me Over is very forgiving and will help to hide any rough-edges; and, mistakes can be easily corrected using FLORdots.  Please note that the outside points – where one square connects to another – are the areas where you’ll want to be sure you hit the outline.

Continue cutting each square, taking your time to score the backs thoroughly until you have a clean cut through the tile.  It is a good idea to change or rotate your blade edge every 4-6 cuts.  Having a sharp blade makes precise cutting easier. 


faux hideAssemble the design:

Use the rug map provided as a guide and begin assembling the pieces.  With the FLORdots provided, connect the edges of each piece to its neighbor, pressing firmly once in place.  Continue connecting the pieces with the FLORdots until the design is complete.  Be sure to separate the fibers to get a tight fit between each tile as you apply the FLORdots.

Our patented FLORdots are designed to allow you to adjust and move pieces within the first few hours.  They will grow stronger over time, so you can move your rug for cleaning with no problem. 


faux hide cutFinish your rug:

Once assembled, vacuum your rug as usual and enjoy.  Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for an amazing job.


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