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Watch FLOR's design system come to life

Explore the beauty of FLOR's design system in these helpful videos. Whether it's introducing a new collection or demonstrating how easy it is to mix-and-match coordinating FLOR styles, we've got lots of helpful and inspiring ideas. And, take a look at our who's been visiting our offices in our
8th FLOR Series interviews.

What is FLOR?

Learn why FLOR is a better and smarter alternative to conventional area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting.

How to Design with FLOR Tiles

One our FLOR Design Consultants helps you get started with a few basic questions and helpful tips.

How to Assemble & Install FLOR Tiles

Easy instructions on how to assemble FLOR squares - from where FLOR can go to using our patented FLORdots to hold it all together.

How to Clean, Replace or Refresh your FLOR Design

Tips on cleaning FLOR squares, putting them back into place and refreshing your design with the swap of a few squares.

How to Cut FLOR Tiles

Get custom designs by cutting FLOR squares to create borders, circles and other free-from shapes.

FLOR's Design Philosophy

Hear what goes into the design and manufacture of FLOR squares and why FLOR is a smarter choice for today's lifestyles.

How to Install FLOR Wall-to-Wall

Learn how to install FLOR as wall-to-wall carpeting, including how to measure and fit around the edges of a room.

Feelin' Groovy in a Rainbow of Color

Explore the color and design possibilities of FLOR's versatile style, Feelin' Groovy.

Designing with FLOR Tiles

See the myriad of design possibilities available by mixing FLOR styles, textures and colors.