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House Pet - Iguana

House Pet - Iguana
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Installation Parquet (Quarter-Turned) Installation
Construction Textured Needlepunch Pile
Fiber Content 82.5% Nylon/17.5% Polyester
Post-Industrial 36%
Post Consumer 0%
Total Recycled Content 36%
Adhesive FLORdots™
Total Thickness .340 in
Size 19.7 in x 19.7 in
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*(PI) Post-Industrial — percentage of recycled content derived from industry scraps.

*(PC) Post Consumer — percentage of recycled content derived from materials recycled
by consumers and businesses.

*To find out more about our recycled content, please visit FLOR’s Environmental Efforts.

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  1. Perfect for covered porch

    We got these in Gerbil for our screened in porch two summers ago. They still look fanstastic and have weathered the weather quite well. The color hasn't faded, they vacuum nicely and dry quickly after being exposed to rain and snow (they aren't directly exposed, but do get wet when it's windy during storms). They are quite cushy for a porch, but possibly a bit prickly for inside your house. We couldn't be happier. Great product.

    Michele L.
    09.03.11 at 12:36 AM


    FLOR's House Pet provides the best 8-ft long entrance runner of varying colors- taken from paint colors used throughout my home-and makes quite a design statement immediately upon entering. I love the easy care and great texture of House Pet. I recommend it to anyone who needs a POW statement in a heavily trafficked area in their home. Don't be afraid to use different colors either!

    02.21.11 at 02:46 AM

  3. house pet stands up to bike traffic

    I've used six of these tiles in my entry hallway where I park my bikes for ~ 5 years. Despite the snow, salt, rain water and garden soil they see, they look as good now as when I first got them. Excellent product.

    02.18.11 at 12:17 AM

  4. house pet entry way runner

    I use six of the house pet squares in my foyer. I'm an avid cyclist. I commute to and from work and ride in all weather in Pittsburgh. So, the squares see snow, road salt, water/rain on a regular basis. They are about five years old and look as good as new. I've washed them in my bathtub at least twice. Excellent product.

    02.18.11 at 12:15 AM

  5. I'm not worried

    Connecticut was snowy so far this year, and as we were leaving for Florida for Feb-May, I noticed dampness creeping into my bedroom closet from rain on top of 70" of snow against the house. "No worries", my husband said, "I'll pick up the squares and dry them when we get back!
    And we left. It's 75 degrees and no snow!

    Linda Charron
    02.13.11 at 02:53 AM

  6. House pet for kitchen

    We have tested House Pet to install in our kitchen and are about to lay the rest down. We have a studio rental right below the kitchen and have been wanting to cover the floor to help screen the noise (family of four, two small girls). We are thrilled to have found FLOR to help with this issue and are about to do the same in other areas of our house.

    Naomi Fiss
    02.10.11 at 07:00 PM

  7. Excellent for entry ways

    I bought a 10 House Pet tiles to use as a runner in my main entry way. I highly recommend House Pet for such a use! We've had the tiles about a year. They look as good as the day we got them, even after some tough Minnesota winter weather that's sloshed plenty of melted snow, salt and mud on it. House Pet is definitely suited for high traffic areas.

    Suzanne Sobotka
    02.09.11 at 07:23 PM

  8. Durable and Beautiful

    I am thrilled with the rug I designed for my dining room. I went with the House Pet because it is a heavily traveled area for my dog coming in and outside. It has been nearly a year now and it has held up to the heavy traffic. I went with the tabby cat, painted turtle, goldfish, parrot, Irish setter, and canary that are sold as a set and used gerbil as a border around the whole thing. I love the bright colors with my neutral walls and the ability to play with your design before settling on the finished product. I love the Flor concept so much I am buying another rug for my nursery.

    Jennifer Zimmerman
    02.09.11 at 03:39 PM

  9. Road Warrior

    I am on the road, all the time. Either travelling, or moving. I needed an easy care, easy pack, fun rug. This fits the bill perfectly for my busy lifestyle. The colors are terrific and let me be creative. When I move to a new city, I pack them up, and rearrange them in my new space. Love it!

    wendy heinz
    02.09.11 at 03:31 PM

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Price $240.00
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Style: House Pet

Color: Iguana


House Pet - Frog
Frog Frog
House Pet - Grasshopper
Grasshopper Grasshopper
House Pet - Iguana
Iguana Iguana
House Pet - Chameleon
Chameleon Chameleon
House Pet - Hummingbird
Hummingbird Hummingbird
House Pet - Parrot
Parrot Parrot
House Pet - Snake
Snake Snake
House Pet - Goldfish
Goldfish Goldfish
House Pet - Painted Turtle
Painted Turtle Painted Turtle
House Pet - Irish Setter
Irish Setter Irish Setter
House Pet - Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat Tabby Cat
House Pet - Canary
Canary Canary
House Pet - Hamster
Hamster Hamster
House Pet - Siamese
Siamese Siamese
House Pet - Chinchilla
Chinchilla Chinchilla
House Pet - Ferret
Ferret Ferret
House Pet - Black Cat
Black Cat Black Cat
House Pet - Gerbil
Gerbil Gerbil

The Original–a playful, whiskery texture like a wire-haired terrier (think faux mohair) in a spectrum of amazing colors. This product is not recommended for use over radiant heat floors. Style not eligible for cutting service.

* Each square measures 19.7" x 19.7" (50 cm)

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