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City Inspired Series


Siobhan Munro of our Brooklyn store designed a rug inspired by artist Tom Fruin's Watertower.

Fruin built the Watertower out of salvaged Plexiglas and steel bands, a beautiful repurposing of materials that we so appreciate.

High above 20 Jay Street in DUMBO until last June, Fruin's sculpture became a new icon in the sky. This summer, many more of the long-dormant water towers in the city will be given new life as part of the Water Tank Project, a clean water initiative that has enlisted artists from Fab 5 Freddy to Jeff Koons and Andy Goldsworthy to reinvent the water towers across the skyline.

We can't wait to see what they make and we're so inspired by this genius idea to bring clean water to people who need it and inspire New Yorkers lucky enough to look up.


  photo by Shinya Suzuki     Creative License