FLOR makes modular carpet tiles you can look up to.
This is smarter carpet with a conscience –
smarter for you, your projects and our planet.

FLOR. Design possibilities to infinity.

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  • Easy installation.
  • Superior enduring performance.
  • Environmentally conscious, cutting-edge innovations.
  • Custom design possibilities, tailored to your projects.
  • Create a high design aesthetic that you can't achieve with any other product.


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    • Most orders ship in just 24 hours. No waiting six to eight weeks to get your project done. We'll make sure your FLOR is a foundation for fast success.
    • Easy to replace and move, giving you a better investment over your product's life.
    • Collaborate with our in-house design experts for complimentary, one-on-one design services to create one-of-a-kind designs.
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    • No bulky, wasteful rolls of conventional carpet or glue.
      • No hauling heavy glue buckets.
      • Lower freight costs.
      • Odorless.
      • No drying time.
      • Won't lose adhesive quality by freezing or melting.
    • Install over almost any floor type, including raised access flooring.
    • Easy to keep looking great. No seam-splitting, wrinkling or buckling like broadloom.
    • No need to completely remove furniture before installation.
    • Compact boxes fit through doorways and elevators. Plus, staff can easily change out damaged tiles in seconds.
    • Easily assemble rug designs yourself, so no outside contractor costs, machinery or time to install.
    • But for larger wall-to-wall designs, we'll connect you to professionals who can help make it just as easy without the cost to install traditional broadloom.
    • Simple, quick installation with FLORdots™, which stick to your tiles, not your floor.


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    • Dense construction of premium, commercial grade nylon. Built to hold up under heavy traffic over time.
    • Extended 15 year warranty for all contract projects.
    • Our patented GlasBac® backing system sets the industry standard. First to perform with no tapping, rippling or upcurling.
    • Maximize privacy for residents, guests and patients by minimizing noise up to 5x more than hard surfaces like LVT.
    • More colors, styles, textures and designs to choose from to achieve your aesthetic.
    • For rich, durable color, go for the carrot. Non-solution dyed fiber is like a radish, with color just on the surface. Our 100% solution dyed nylon is colored throughout, like a carrot, so it's resistant to most bleaches, solvents, sunlight and other stains that can ruin conventional carpet.


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    • Climate neutral tiles install with less waste than traditional broadloom and virtually no VOCs.
    • Earn LEED credit, including possible Innovation in Design credits for Climate Neutral products and NSF140-certified carpet.
    • Meet the highest standards for indoor air quality.
    • More than 85% of our products are made in the USA with 100% recycled fibers.
    • We repurpose materials like carpet, plastic bottles and fishing nets to create new yarns for our products.