Our Design Philosophy

Designed for Modern Living

FLOR is smart design that evolves with modern times. We approach the design of FLOR by meeting the lifestyle needs of our customers, as well as ourselves. It's thoughtful, forward-thinking design that respects the earth and celebrates it through innovative artistry. It's a modular carpet square system that adapts seamlessly to your ever-changing, 24/7 world. FLOR is beautiful design with integrity that offers the flexibility and freedom of creating a custom floor covering that reflects the true you.

Great design isn't just beautiful. It's a beautiful solution. FLOR's solution is an ingenious design system that blends form and function and includes a commitment to be environmentally responsible.

Great Design is Green Design

We carefully consider everything we do in the creation of FLOR - from raw materials to the way it's manufactured to how it lives with you in your life to the ability to recycle FLOR into new products. We want you to experience the thrill of creating just about whatever FLOR design you want, but we want to do it right - by you and the earth.

  • FLOR products are made in progressive, energy-efficient facilities that use less water and energy and thereby produce less waste.
  • FLOR squares are made with varied degrees of renewable and recycled content.
  • FLOR has some of the lowest Volatile Organic Compound emissions in the residential industry.
  • FLOR's Return & Recycle program empowers customers to return their old FLOR squares to us to be recycled into new products, and ensure that no FLOR ends up in a landfill.